Faults and Enquiries

What should I do if there is an interruption to my electricity supply?

Energy providers do their best to avoid interruptions, but from time to time something may affect your power supply. Such disruptions can be caused by storms, heatwaves or local maintenance work.

Your first step should be to check whether the electricity outage affects only your apartment. Do your neighbours have power? Is there still power in common areas? If the interruption has affected only your property, please check that all the switches in the switchboard are in the ‘on’ position and/or contact your preferred electrician for assistance.

If the outage extends to neighbouring properties you should contact your local distributor for information. Contact numbers and website links for the various electricity distributers are below. Your Local distributor’s website also contains frequently updated information on current outages.

The local electricity distributor for your area can be found on your OC Energy Invoice

Electricity DistributerContact NumberWebsite
CITIPOWER 13 20 80
Jemena 13 16 26
Powercor 13 24 12
United Energy 13 20 99
SP AusNet 13 17 99
Ausgrid 13 13 88