Who is OC Energy?

OC Energy is a specialist supplier of electricity to multi-unit high rise developments. We operate a growing number of embedded networks across Melbourne.

We purchase electricity at the point of supply to the embedded network and then on-sell discounted electricity to residents. Because we can bulk buy electricity we can provide a cheaper rate than other retailers.

What is an embedded network?

An embedded network is a formal arrangement that buys electricity in bulk for a development and gives consumers within the network cheaper electricity rates.

What are the benefits of an embedded network?

Managers, owners and tenants all benefit in lower costs, easier management, greater flexibility in relationships, and opportunities to lower costs further by introducing energy saving measures.

Embedded networks can also minimise the impact of future electricity price increases.

Do I have the right to choose my energy retailer?

Since 2002, all Victorian electricity and gas customers have been able to choose their energy retailer and type of contract or plan.

How often will I receive bills from OC Energy?

OC Energy issues bills every 2 months. Your OC Energy bill will state the date of the next scheduled meter reading for your property. You can expect to receive your OC Energy bill 1 to 2 weeks after the meter reading.

What tariff am I on?

The most obvious place to find your tariff is on your most recent bill. If you need assistance, please call us on 1300 49 40 80 or email us at remembering to include your address and account details.

How can I pay my OC Energy bill?

OC Energy offers a range of payment options, including:

Credit Card: Online or by phone on 1300 49 40 80.


In Person: You can pay your account by visiting OC Energy’s offices at Level 6, 566 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3004

Direct Deposit: Transfer funds directly to the account specified on your bill.

Mail: Mail your cheque or money order (payable to OC Energy Pty Ltd) together with the payment slip from your bill to: OC Energy Pty Ltd, PO Box 7285, Melbourne VIC 3004.

If you would like to discuss any of the above payment options in more detail please the OC Energy Customer Service desk on 1300 49 40 80

What should I do if there is an interruption to my electricity supply?

Energy providers do their best to avoid interruptions, but from time to time something may affect your power supply. Such disruptions can be caused by storms, heatwaves or local maintenance work.

Your first step should be to check whether the electricity outage affects only your apartment. Do your neighbours have power? Is there still power in common areas? If the interruption has affected only your property, please check that all the switches in the switchboard are in the ‘on’ position and/or contact your preferred electrician for assistance.

If the outage extends to neighbouring properties you should contact Citipower, your local distributor, on 13 12 80 for information. Citipower’s website also contains frequently updated information on current outages.

What should I do if I’m moving out?

Please notify us of the date you intend to move as soon as possible. Do this by filling out and returning to us the disconnection form available by clicking the ‘move out’ tab above. You must provide us with a forwarding address prior to moving out. We will then arrange for a meter reading to be undertaken and for a final bill to be issued to you.

What should I do if I need life support equipment?

If you or somebody else living with you uses life support equipment at your property, you must register with us. To register, you need to call us on 1300 49 40 80. You will need to provide us with a Life Support Certificate completed by a registered medical practitioner. It is important to register to help us, where possible, keep you informed of interruptions to your electricity and we will let you know when the power is expected to come back on. Unfortunately, registering as a life support customer does not guarantee continuous 24-hour electricity supply. Sometimes, we may need to interrupt your supply for upgrades or maintenance works. There may be unplanned power outages due to extreme weather or traffic accidents which can occur beyond our control. Be sure to have a detailed emergency plan in place. If you do not register, we will not be able to provide you with practical advice, where possible, in the event of a power interruption or failure. Make sure your telephone contact details are kept up to date and you must let us know when life support equipment is no longer required at your property.

Am I entitled to a concession on my OC Energy bill?

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be entitled to a concession on your electricity account. Concession may be available to customers holding an eligible Pensioner Card, Healthcare Card or Goldcard on behalf of the Department of Human Services.

To claim the concession, you will need to submit a Non-Mains Energy Concession Form to the Department of Human Services. The form can be obtained from the Department’s website:

Finding it difficult to stay on top of your bills?

OC Energy operates a Hardship Program to support our customers through difficult times. 'Hardship' is a circumstance that a customer may face when they have the intention, but not the capacity, to make a payment within the timeframe required. In other words, our Hardship Program is designed to assist customers who want to pay their energy bills, but for whatever reasons, are unable to.

Download the short form or full version of Our Hardship Program for further details.

No Contact List

OC Energy maintain a no contact list, if you do not wish to be contacted by OC Energy for marketing purposes, then please ask us to note you down as a Do Not Contact customer.

To be noted as Do Not Contact please contact us by email at:

Or you can call our customer service team on: 1300 49 40 48