OC Energy - The Embedded Network Operator

OC Energy, as the Embedded Network Operator (ENO) or manager within a multi-story building, is responsible for the supply of electricity and the maintenance of the electricty network and meters within that building.

Our responsibilities include;

  • negotiation of the purchase of electricity for the building
  • payment to the retailer for the electricity consumption of the building as metered at the gateway or parent meter. These costs include distributor and government changes.
  • billing, or onselling, of the electricty to the individual owners or tenants within the building
  • responding to owner or tenant queries regarding billing or the supply of electricity
  • maintenance of the gateway meter and individual meters

For the customer, OC Energy and the Embedded Electricity Network (EEN) we manage, are seen no differently than a traditional retailer energy supplier.

We provide the same services and customer support but we are able to offer cheaper prices to owners and tenants as we bulk purchase electricity for the whole building.